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Best Long Distance Towing Service and Cost in Albuquerque

Long Distance Towing Service near Albuquerque: Are you looking for the Best Long Distance Towing Service near Albuquerque ? MOBILE MECHANICS OF ALBUQUERQUE, offers an affordable and reliable long distance towing service ideally suited for your needs. We specialize in transporting and towing cars long distance in a professional and timely manner. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best 24 Hour Auto Repair Services around Albuquerque. We serve Albuquerque and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!


Reliable Long Distance Towing and Transport Services

Long Distance Towing Service near Albuquerque: Do you need a vehicle towing across the country? MOBILE MECHANICS OF ALBUQUERQUE offers an affordable and reliable long distance towing service ideally suited for your needs. We specialize in transporting and towing cars long distance in a professional and timely manner.

There are many reasons that you might need a car towing for a long distance. Perhaps you have just purchased a vintage car which is not yet restored to a drivable condition. Maybe you are moving house, and can drive your car but not your motorcycles. Whatever your situation, our long distance towing service can take care of it for you.

Best Towing Service In Albuquerque

Long Distance Towing Service near Albuquerque: Our mission is to be the best towing service in Albuquerque. Offering a long distance towing service is just part of the complete range of services that we provide to residents of the Albuquerque County area and beyond. We have a professional approach, experienced drivers, and affordable rates. Call our office now to find out more!

What Vehicle Can Be Towed?

We have the equipment and tow trucks to be able to tow any type of vehicle. This means that it doesn’t matter what sort of vehicle you need towing long distance, we can handle the job! It is always advisable to pre-book a long distance towing service, and so perhaps you would like to use the online form you can find on this page.

Local Towing Services In Albuquerque

Our long distance towing service is just one of many services that we provide. The others include:

As you can see, we are your first choice when it comes to roadside assistance and towing in Albuquerque!

Albuquerque Long Distance Towing Services

Long Distance Towing Service near Albuquerque: Long distance towing doesn’t need to be expensive, especially when you use MOBILE MECHANICS OF ALBUQUERQUE. We have an honest and fair pricing system, with no hidden extras. That means if you are happy with the quote for long distance towing, there will be no nasty surprises at the end.

The other thing to consider when using a long distance towing service, is insurance. Rest assured that our drivers are fully licensed and insured. If you have specific questions regarding insurance for long distance towing, then our office team will be more than happy to help.

Best Long Distance Towing Service in Albuquerque

Long Distance Towing Service near Albuquerque: Over the years, we have towed quite literally thousands of vehicles, covering tens of thousands of miles. So, if you want a professional and experienced towing company in Albuquerque to take care of the job for you, we are the ones to call!

We use maintained trucks that are regularly checked and inspected, our drivers are qualified and experienced, and our office team is always available. In fact, we are a 24/7 operation. This means that if you want a vehicle towed long distances overnight, it is not a problem. We have the drivers and the trucks ready for you.


Here are some more key points about our long distance towing service

  • We have 24/7 availability

  • Our vehicles are tracked, so we always know where they are

  • Fully insured and licensed

  • Experienced drivers

  • Helpful and friendly office team

  • Honest and affordable rates

Find Out More About Long Distance Towing

Long Distance Towing Service near Albuquerque: Find out more about our long distance towing service by contacting our office today. You can either use the online form. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and issue you an obligation free quote. Booking long distance towing has never been easier!

Whether your needs include heavy duty towing or recovery services, we have the right equipment and experienced truck drivers to recover your large truck or semi. Some of the services we offer include:


How Much Does It Cost to Tow a Car a Long Distance?

If you require a Towing Service, it’s important to get an idea of what kind of costs you’ll be looking at especially if you need a Tow Truck service for long distances. For those in Sydney, countless locals will tell you that Southside Towing Sydney provides an exceptional Towing Service at the industry’s best rates. However, for those throughout Australia, we’ve put together a guide to Long Distance Towing Costs in Australia so that you can find the best deals for you.

Albuquerque’s Tow Truck Costs

Tow Truck costs can vary from business to business as well as a range of other factors (such as your vehicle’s size). Prices for a Tow Truck service in local areas are between $90 to $1000 (under 5 KM to 5 KM). There is generally a minimum

fee you will have to pay, regardless of what distance you need your vehicle towed.

If we include 100km as a long distance, you’ll be seeing costs of around $440 or higher. A Towing distance of 200km will generally cost around $550 or higher and 500km will be $1,000 or more.

Another way to look at is the cost per km for out of town towing. A Medium Rigid will cost about $4.00 + GST per kilometer, a Heavy Rigid will average about $4.50 + GST per kilometer and a Semi-Trailer will cost about $6.00 + GST per kilometer.

After Hours Towing

An After Hours fee may be implemented for towing required outside of business hours. This can be an increase of up to 30% or so in Australia. So, if you require long-distance towing, it’s worth considering if you can wait to have it towed during work hours to fit your budget.

Long Distance Towing Rates

Long Distance Towing Service near Albuquerque: We have the most competitive rates in the country and provide top-notch long distance towing services. Our work is backed up by reviews given to us by several customers who have taken the time to give their unsolicited opinion on how we take care of their vehicles. Just check us out on Angie’s List , Google, Transport Reviews, and many more. Our rates for long distance are the cheapest available and inclusive of all fees. Meaning there aren’t any undisclosed fees or surprises to worry about. We provide you everything in writing. Rest assured your vehicle is safe as you are hiring a reputable company that is licensed, insured, and bonded.

What are your long distance towing rates?

Long Distance towing and car transport initially appears to be a stressful task for most of our clients when they start the journey of finding a reliable car transporter for long distances or even short in state routes.

All Day Auto Transport can tow any vehicle from boats and trailers to heavy equipment, we have done it all. Our long distance towing and car transport services are simply the best in the business. Since 2009 we have established a network of licensed and insured car transporters for long distance shipping to every state. When we say long distance towing we mean towing a vehicle over 1000 miles.

Most normal towing companies charge up to $5 per mile for long distance vehicle transports. But since we are one of the largest car transport companies in the country, working with dozens of car carriers, we can offer some the best rates.

Our long distance towing rates are sometimes as low as 40 cents per mile. With our reliable service and some of the lowest shipping rates in the country, we are happy to say we have proved time and time again that we are simply the best.


What’s the difference between local and long-distance towing?

Long Distance Towing Service near Albuquerque: In practical terms, local and long-distance towing involve different requirements for our professional, hired towing contractors. Generally speaking, because of the time and gas expended for long-distance assistance, the cost to the patron will be relatively higher than a simpler, local service. However, when it comes to a driver in need, our towing experts work with no hesitation. Regardless of the distance, our towing experts are more than glad to help a customer in need for any requested towing service. We’ll assist you, near and far.

Do I need long-distance or local towing?

The determinant for which type of towing you need is how far you must transport your vehicle. Whether you know the situation ahead of time or run into emergency issues with your vehicle, MOBILE MECHANICS OF ALBUQUERQUE is happy to discuss your needs and advise you on which type of towing is for you.

Do I need to know which type of towing I need before calling?

No, you do not need to know if you need local or long distance towing before calling us for help. MOBILE MECHANICS OF ALBUQUERQUE has the expertise you need to help determine the best kind of towing for your situation.

What is the cost of local towing vs long-distance towing?

Each towing project is unique and has its own requirements. In order to let you know the projected cost of your towing job, we must have some information about your situation. Simply fill out the form on our website or give us a call and we are happy to provide you with an honest quote.

Are you able to do long-distance towing?

Yes. MOBILE MECHANICS OF ALBUQUERQUE has the experience, equipment, and knowledge to handle any towing project. While we perform local towing most often, we do complete many long-distance tows, including a tow over 250 miles approximately several times a week. No matter how big or how small, MOBILE MECHANICS OF ALBUQUERQUE can expertly complete your towing job.


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