Semi-Truck Roadside Assistance

Best Semi-Truck Roadside Assistance Service and Cost in Albuquerque

Are you looking for the Best Semi-Truck Roadside Assistance Service near Iowa City ? MOBILE MECHANICS OF ALBUQUERQUE, roadside Assistance is our specialty. Broken down, flat tire, air leak, out of fuel…we’ve got you covered. You can count on the certified technicians to provide you with knowledgeable service.Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best 24 Hour Auto Repair Services around Albuquerque. We serve Albuquerque and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!


Semi-Truck Roadside Assistance

Semi-Truck Roadside Assistance Service near Albuquerque :Roadside Assistance is our specialty. Broken down, flat tire, air leak, out of fuel…we’ve got you covered. You can count on the certified technicians at MOBILE MECHANICS OF ALBUQUERQUE to provide you with knowledgeable service.

Our technicians will arrive promptly & provide professional service. MOBILE MECHANICS OF ALBUQUERQUE provides on road service

On Road Services Provided:

Breakdown Assistance For:

Fast, Affordable, Dependable 24-hour Road Assistance

Semi-Truck Roadside Assistance Service near Albuquerque: Call us at any hour of the day or night, and we will send a mobile repair truck equipped with the necessary tools for semi-truck and other commercial vehicle repairs to your location. Our mobile mechanics carry the right tools to service many commercial truck repairs and will respond quickly with replacement fuel or tires.

Our 24-hour Road Assistance service is perfect for:

  • Brake Repairs

  • Wheel Alignments

  • Alternator Repairs

  • Battery Boosts

  • Flat Tire Repairs

  • Fuel Delivery Services

  • Lockout Services

  • And Other Minor Mechanical Repairs

Benefits of Roadside Assistance in Albuquerque

If you find yourself stranded with an inoperable vehicle, give us a call. Our roadside assistance service can help get you back on the road again. With roadside assistance from MOBILE MECHANICS OF ALBUQUERQUE Tire Service, you can rest easy knowing a staff member is on the way to change or repair your tire with the best tools for the job. Even if your flat tire happens at 3 a.m., you can call us, and we will be there to repair or change your tire.

At MOBILE MECHANICS OF ALBUQUERQUE Tire Service, we realize that flat tires don’t just happen inside normal business hours. Anytime your vehicle hits the road, a flat can (and sometimes does) occur. Think of our 24 hour roadside assistance as your little insurance policy.

The next time you need a flat tire repair, look to our roadside assistance for help. Prompt and professional assistance is only a phone call away.

Semi-Truck Roadside Assistance

  • Jumps Starts / Pull Starts

  • Fuel Delivery

  • Tire Changes & Repair

  • Battery Service

  • Freeze Up Thaw Out

  • Electrical Bulb Replacement

  • Coolant Hose Repair

  • Fan Belts

  • Air Filter/ Fuel Filter

  • Brake Chamber Replacement

  • Air Leaks

  • Low Air Pressure Repair

  • Filter Repair

  • Engine Shut Down Diagnostics

  • Trailer Repair

  • Antifreeze Leak

  • Electrical Lighting Repair

  • Engine Shutdown

  • Check Engine Light

  • Bent Wheel

  • Broken Trailer Axle

  • Loose Axle

  • And More ….

Semi-Truck Vehicle Recovery In Albuquerque

Semi-Truck Roadside Assistance Service near Albuquerque: The immense weight of semi-trucks make them somewhat difficult to rescue from on or off-road breakdowns; fortunately, the experts here at MOBILE MECHANICS OF ALBUQUERQUE provide 24/7, direct-to-location semi-truck towing service that’s guaranteed to save you from being stranded in no time.

Our team of skilled towing technicians are equipped with the highest quality towing equipment in the industry – instantly arriving directly at your location to provide instant solutions to your stationary semi-truck predicament, and always for a fair and competitive rate.

If your semi-truck has experienced an accident, has fallen, driven off the road into muddy soil – or really, has experienced any type of breakdown – the skilled semi-truck rescue team at MOBILE MECHANICS OF ALBUQUERQUE can provide instant solutions.

Our tow trucks are equipped with high quality rotators and heavy duty chains that are perfect for efficiently recovering semi-trucks that have experienced all manner of predicament – all without incurring any damage to your truck’s chassis, tires, or other components – including the load it’s carrying.

MOBILE MECHANICS OF ALBUQUERQUE’s expert fleet can easily provide wrecker service, winch outs, pull starts, power swaps, air cushion recovery, and all types of semi-truck rescuing services available under the sun.

Next time you find your semi-truck stranded, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Albuquerque Towing for instant solutions.


Commercial Semi-Truck Roadside Assistance

Semi-Truck Roadside Assistance Service near Albuquerque: MOBILE MECHANICS OF ALBUQUERQUE offers commercial truck roadside assistance services. This is a great and inexpensive service that can easily save you thousands of dollars. Here are the benefits:

  • Unlimited Roadside Assistance

  • Towing – up to 50 miles per disablement

  • Flat Tire Assistance

  • Tire Replacement Assistance – up to $100 per disablement

  • Mobile Mechanic Service

  • Vehicle Winching / Extricating

  • Custom Trip Routing / Navigation Assistance

  • Vehicle Jump start

  • Hotel and Travel Discounts

  • Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service

  • Lockout / Replacement Key Services – up to $100

  • Fuel Delivery Service – up to 30 gallons of fuel

  • Concierge Service – restaurants, lodging, truck stops, fuel stops, etc.

  • Road America’s Savings Connection Program – save on prescriptions, car rentals, theme parks and more

  • Truck Rental Assistance

Roadside assistance is available through MOBILE MECHANICS OF ALBUQUERQUE Services for only $399 per year, or take advantage of the easy payment plan of $159.99 down and $44.99 per month for 11 months.


What services are included with Commercial Semi-Truck Roadside Assistance?

These are services covered for eligible vehicles. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

  • Towing up to 25 miles for light- and heavy-duty fleet vehicles. Additional miles will be prorated in 1/10th mile increments.

  • Jump starting a dead battery or making other minor roadside adjustments to start the vehicle. Expenses for more extensive repairs, parts and labor are an additional cost.

  • Delivering three gallons of gas or diesel fuel. This service covers delivery of the fuel only and does not include the cost of fuel.

  • Removing a flat tire and replacing it with your spare tire. The service provider will change a flat tire with its inflated spare. If no spare is available, the vehicle may be towed.

  • Winching is offered for light-duty vehicles that are safely accessible from a paved public road.

Is there a limit to how many times I can use Roadside Assistance at no extra charge?

There is a limit of 4 service calls per vehicle annually.

What is the process if I need Roadside Assistance?

  • Access the Roadside Assistance section of your Reveal app to call the Roadside Assistance number provided.

  • Give the 8-digit vehicle code shown in your app to the service representative.

  • They will prepare a request for service dispatch. You’ll need to provide your location (the nearest major street or intersection).

  • The service provider will offer an estimate of when a representative will arrive.

Can I use Roadside Assistance on restricted roadways?

Service may be limited by local traffic rules and regulations, such as restricted roadways and toll roads. In such areas, only certain service vehicles are authorized to perform service. The Roadside Assistance representative can assist you with your options.

Do I need to register all vehicles on an account to have Roadside Assistance?

Yes, all vehicles on an account need to be registered for Roadside Assistance.

When I activate Roadside Assistance, how soon does it start?

Your coverage becomes effective immediately after you activate it on your account.

How do I activate Roadside Assistance on my account?

You will be notified through Reveal when your account has been enabled for Roadside Assistance. You can then follow the instructions on how to activate Roadside Assistance for all vehicles on your account using their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).


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